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Private Polatli Can Hospital

Our institution, which is the first and only private hospital in Polatlı, has been serving you since the day it was opened with its friendly staff.

About us

Our aim is to find solutions to health problems with reliable examinations and successful physicians as soon as possible and to lead a healthy life. In order to realize our aim, our hospital with three full-fledged operating rooms, three of which is dense, and two of which are newborns, with a total of 33 beds, serves with a staff of 26 doctors, 4 general practitioners, nurses and health workers, together with 26 doctors who are experts in their fields.

An average of 7,500 surgeries are performed annually in our hospital. Again, an average of 200,000 patients are provided with outpatient health services annually. In addition, approximately 6000 patients are treated in our inpatient services.

In addition to providing high standards of health services, we carry out new studies day by day to raise health standards without compromising our principles. We are one step away from you with our services in ozone therapy, pain treatment (algology) center, four-dimensional ultrasound and check-up scans.

Quality Standards in Health have been developed in order to reveal the targeted quality level for all health institutions and organizations providing services in Turkey and to provide practical guidance. Our hospital fully implements all prescribed quality standards. It is also regularly inspected by the Ministry of Health evaluators.

In order to raise our quality standards, patient satisfaction data are meticulously examined monthly and we make updates in our standards and services in the light of these data. We are also proud to share with you 95% satisfaction in our retrospective surveys. Employees of our hospital are also given in-house training to increase their awareness of human relations and communication, as well as personal and professional development.

Patient rights and safety are our priority. Because it is important for us that our patients feel in safe hands. Knowing your rights and responsibilities will increase the quality of the health service we offer to you and will ensure the protection of your health.

We continue to serve you diligently on this road that we set out for a permanent healthy life, and we continue to move forward on this health path by aiming for the best, not the ordinary.

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