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Medical Park

As Medical Park Hospitals, which is the flagship of Turkey's most widespread health group MLP Care Group, we have been serving with 24 hospitals in 15 provinces of our country since 1993.

About us

In addition to providing high standards of health services all over Turkey with the philosophy of 'Health for All'; Today, we are among the leading health groups not only in our country, but also in the world, with the scientific studies we have undertaken.

As Medical Park Hospitals, which brings together expert staff, patient-oriented superior service understanding and multidisciplinary work; We provide quality diagnosis and treatment services with our three hospitals certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation of USA origin.

While we continue to increase the links of the chain with the principle of "living healthy and benefiting from health services equally", we are taking firm steps forward in raising health standards with our advanced technology by spreading all over Turkey, without compromising medical ethical principles.

We are experiencing the happiness of adding a brand new vision to the health sector by offering value added health services prepared in line with the understanding of hospitalization that adapts to the changing lifestyle, under the concept brand of 'VM Medical Park' that we have created. With the VM Medical Park, which carries the hospital approach that adapts to the changing life style to Kocaeli, Bursa, Samsun, Mersin, Pendik and Florya, we bring together all diagnosis and treatment methods applied simultaneously with the world, innovative medical technologies with our expert and academic physician staff in a modern hospital environment.

Our group, which increases the quality and quality of the service we offer with each new hospital, not only provides health services to the society in which we exist, but also supports social responsibility projects carried out in every subject that our country needs.

We contribute to both the qualified staff of our hospital and the development of universities through our collaborations with the distinguished universities of Turkey. On the basis of our affiliation activities and collaborations; to train well-educated, well-equipped, principled doctors; to maximize the quality of the health service we offer and to enable world-class innovations in the field of medicine.

We continue our efforts without slowing down so that sports, which we consider indispensable for health, become widespread in our country and become a way of life. We are honored and happy to sponsor many big and small sports clubs in Turkey.

We continue to say “health for all” and add value to life on this path we set out for a healthier Turkey.

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