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Agency Services

Product Lunch

Pharmackt, It enables your Launch Meetings to be held physically or online (Virtual Launch), by reflecting the Brand Image in accordance with the target, by promoting your product or service correctly, and by making a difference with creative ideas.


Advisory Boards Meetings

Pharmackt, It provides Workshops, Symposiums, Public Events, Training Programs Organization Services for Public Institutions and EU Projects to be carried out as Physical or Online (Virtual Organization).

Human Resources Services

Today, with Globalization, competition without borders; quality, development, and effective management and use of knowledge in every field. This change in the world makes it inevitable for businesses to be effective and efficient in the fields in which they operate, in other words "to be the best in their own fields". This leads businesses to a rapid change and transformation.


Our aim is to enable companies to strengthen their "production and service" capabilities, employee satisfaction and their position in the market, using "professional management" techniques, at optimum cost and in the most appropriate way.


E-Congress Consultancy

Pharmackt; It enables Congresses and Conferences, Launch Meetings, Public Organizations and NGO Events to be held Online (Virtual) by developing an Online infrastructure in order not to postpone and cancel them due to Covid-19 or other reasons.

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